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Located in San Diego, California. Serving California, Oregon, & Washington. LBD specializes in General Construction, Commercial & Residential Construction (New, Custom, & Tenant Improvements) for Fortune 500 Companies, Architects, Developers, Government & Private Sector.

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Ground-Up Construction

Building from the ground-up is different from other types of construction projects because you’re starting with a blank slate. Having an experienced general contracting firm, like LBD, is necessary in order to create accurate estimations and detailed blueprints to execute your project on time and on budget. With new construction, planning becomes the fundamental piece to ensure success.

Ground-up development requires a high level of expertise in facilitating large-scale projects because of the extreme attention to detail needed to cover all phases of your project. Staying on schedule and keeping costs down through careful budgeting is a big part of the successful completion of any project.

Why Choose Laidlaw Building & Development

At Laidlaw Building & Development, we understand that the look, feel, and functionality of your building is everything. By choosing LBD as your general contracting firm for your new construction project, we will handle each step in the building process and educate you every step of the way. With LBD's hands-on approach, you can have confidence in knowing that every detail and goal of your project is given the right attention leaving no rock unturned, and every need met.

Ground Up Services:

  • Big Picture: Understanding client goals and needs of the project
  • Clear Communication: Regular check-ins and timelined dates to update client
  • Research: Assess site locations
  • Development: Provide guidance and suggestions on building design and materials
  • Management: Deciding on clear scope of work to stay on schedule and on budget

Featured Ground-Up Projects: